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Features of Hotel Management

eBits Hotel Management Software is easy to use and is designed and developed to deliver real benefits to hotels.
  • Front Desk Management
  • Food & Room Service
  • Purchase and Inventory Management
  • F & B Billing
  • Housekeeping & Stock Management
  • Report Generation
  • Email & SMS Facility and Feedback

eBits Hotel Management (E H M)

eBits Hotel Management System is a unique solution that provides a wide range of modules in a much comprised way. It help the users to manage the property effortlessly without any bugs. Our software reduces the engagement of man power and helps to do the quality work. The software is designed in such a way that the user can operate it without any difficulty and if any expansion is required, it can be done without much effort.

Function Details of Hotel Management

The basic objective of Hotel Management Software is to simplify the monthly and day to day facilities like room activities, check in and checkout of a new customer, assigning a new room according to the customer’s requirement and finally generate the bill. These activities are performed repeatedly for regular basis.

    1. Front Desk & Room Management : This module is used for Room booking, Room checking, Room transfer, Room check out, Group booking, Room rate modification etc.
    2. Purchase & Inventory : This module is used to maintain Purchase Order, Purchase Bill, GRN, Stock Register, Stock Summary etc.
    3. Service Bill or F & B Billing : This module keeps the record of order taken, Item added, Item description change, Table transfer, KOT transfer etc.
    4. Accounts : This module is used to maintain Profit and Loss, Deposit and Withdrawal, Payment and Receipt etc.
    5. Report Generation : This module is used to maintain the Reports Table Wise, Item Wise, Outlet Wise, and Pending Statement etc.
    6. Reminder : This is an important part of our software that is used to give the reminder of Birthday, Anniversary, and Expiry of Membership for every members and it also maintain the receipt and payment etc.
    7. Added Advantage : In our software there are more facilities that we provide to make the work customized.


Our software is very useful for the management which can keep tracking of all the users registered in a particular state. There are many advantages of our software, Like:

  • Paperless Work
  • Time Efficient
  • User Friendly Environment
  • Data Security and Reliability
  • Cost Efficient
  • Security of the Whole Management
  • Dynamic Room Search and Total Sales Summary
  • Improve Management and Control
  • Improve Accuracy