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Features of HR Payroll Management

  • Salary Generation
  • Leave management
  • Salary Statement individuals and Company ( Cash and Cheque)
  • Salary Slip
  • Advance management
  • Branch wise Salary
  • Total Salary
  • Bonus Management
  • Holidays
  • Salary History individuals and Company

Function Details of HR Pyroll Management

    1. Improving HR Productivity : These systems are highly detailed, and they are designed to enhance and speed up the efforts of HR employees in a number of ways. For example, they can assist with the recruitment process by simplifying the efforts associated with collecting resumes, reviewing candidate information and more.
    2. Time saving : Tasks that may have required many hours of labor may become tasks that can be completed quickly and easily – or sometimes even automatically – with the software program.
    3. Reducing Errors and Maintaining Compliance : Many HR tasks are highly regulated, and because of this, even a minor error on the part of a human resources employee could result in considerable legal issues and even financial loss for the company.
    4. Performing Analyses : Performing analyses and reviewing metrics associated with various aspects of the organization can assist with better decision making and can help with spotting patterns.


  • Expedition of recurring tasks through automation.
  • Improved ability to reach large candidate pools regarding new position openings.
  • Ability to apply higher selection standards quickly to a number of applications.
  • Speedy on boarding due to mobile accessibility.
  • Reduction of paper and related materials and storage – often yields cost savings.
  • Ease in distributing up-to-date materials regarding company policies and procedures.
  • Potential for greater employee engagement through self-service options.
  • Reduction of errors in payroll and employee information database