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Features of Restro Management

  • Purchase and Inventory Management.
  • Table Master Entry.
  • Item Master Entry.
  • Item wise Discount.
  • Item Wise Gross Profit.
  • Bill Generation.
  • Membership wise Discount.
  • Financial Account.
  • Sales and Purchase Order Processing.
  • MIS Reports.

eBits Restro Management (E R M)

eBits Restaurant Management System is designed to handle all the needs in most efficient, effective and accurate way. eBits Restaurant Management Billing Software is committed to provide the best supporting system for the restaurant management business upgrading itself from time to time according to the market needs.

Function Details of Club Management

    1. Purchase and Inventory Management :Used to entry all Item Master, Item wise gross profit calculation, Party wise Price structure for Items and Groups, Multiple price lists for items, Sales and Purchase Order Processing. It also keeps the Stock ledger details, Stock ledger Summery etc.
    2. Billing Module : Used to calculate all Multi rate, Price list and Discount, Cash/credit payment, Challan or invoice generate, Party wise rate and discount, Sales return and replacement on sales bill etc.
    3. Financial Accounting :Keep a track of all Journal voucher, Receipt and Payment, Deposit and Withdrawal, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Bank Reconciliation Statement etc.
    4. MIS Report : Calculating Gross Profit Analysis, Financial, Expenses and Budget Analysis, Sales and Purchase Analysis, Any Report Export to Word and Excel.


Restaurant Management Software is very useful and it is developed to reduce the manual work carried out in restaurant. It helps the management to produce item master, recipe master, billing, report generation etc. Actually it reduces the burden of staff and waste of time.

  • eBits Restaurant Management System maintains the systematic records of all the employees, Customers in an effective manner.
  • All records can be accessed exclusively for the administrator. The administrator has the rights to modify any records.
  • Easier and systematic maintenance for all data and details of stock.
  • Bills are also generated automatically.
  • The system allows the user to calculate any sort of payments related calculations.