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Features of Retail Management

  • Customize ERP.
  • Hotel & Club Management.
  • Restaurant Management.
  • Online & centralized Purchase, Inventory & Accounts.
  • Co-Operative ERP Solution.
  • Hospital Management System(HMS).
  • Real Estate System.
  • Employee Task Manager(ETM).
  • HR Payroll Management System.
  • Retail with Barcode System.
  • Municipal Management system.
  • Android and I-Phone Application Development.

Function Details of Retail Management

    1. Pos System : These are parts of a larger retail infrastructure that can help you manage inventory and track sales within your retail locations.
    2. Inventory Management and Supply Chain Software : It used to be that only mega-companies had supply chains; now the supply chain as an idea is commonly applied to even the smallest businesses with just one retail location.
    3. Customer Loyalty System : These strategies translated into preferred customer cards and all kinds of other routine systems for delivering discounts to return customers. However, your small business can also use this kind of technology, loyalty retail software solutions which can be simple and direct.
    4. E-commerce Systems : E-commerce is another trend that has now reached down to the simplest of small enterprises across the country. All kinds of “bricks and mortar” retailers now use e-commerce systems reach out to a greater market and to augment the sales that they make in a physical location.


  • Bringing a user-friendly interface.
  • Streamlining transaction processing.
  • Improving efficiency and minimizing data collection errors.
  • Providing KPIs for the analysis and decision-making process.
  • Providing the ability to control promotion programmer.